Thursday 4 March 2010

Kinky Boots. 2009.

The original image (or pose) is from a Jean Paul Gaultier promo seen in Vogue Paris from December 1986. The figures and provocative nature of the image stayed with me all these years and I am glad to have finally committed it to paper (with some digital colouring) There is also a kinda Twin peaks thing going on with the curtains and floor but who hasn't thought of mixing those two together. There is also a Ranxerox nod in there too. Maybe a proper sketch of the hero next time?

Captain America. Paris Manga sketch 2010.

Another sketch from Paris Manga.

Aplogies to all the Scotch Corner followers for the late post. Real life has intervened yet again.

Wedge Antilles, X-Wing Pilot. Paris Manga sketch 2010.

This sketch of Wedge Antilles was one on many drawn over the weekend at the Paris Manga event. The Star Wars link was helped by a couple of the actors appearing as the show's media guests. Mostly superhero inspired sketches over the course of the day but Wedge (and the X-Wing itself) proved very popular. All drawn from memory and not bad considering it has been over ten years since I last worked on the books.

Have included a selection of the other Wedge Antilles sketches below for comparison.

Machine Man and the Silencers. 2009.

From the vaults.

This week I am featuring a portfolio piece done in a couple of hours before an interview with Glasgow based Red Lemon Studios a few years ago. It features Litany and Gitane (from Silencers) and Machine Man from Dark Horse Comics (who I drew in the Mask World Tour series from March 1998) Very pleased with this study and the speed at which it was done.

The interview went well enough and I received some good advice at the time.

Punk Too. 2009.

Another in the series of Riot Grrrls. I used a model for the pose and then overworked the photograph (using the colour as a base) Quick and easy process to garner an acceptable end image. The eyes were my favourite part of this digital colour sketch. Kinda Ladytron. The flock is another regular feature background. Years ago this character would have been in Warheads, all tooled and suited up for some cyberpunk hardware skirmish. sigh.

Maybe sooner than you think?