Monday 10 September 2007

Dan Dare: Virgin Comics and Garth Ennis.

On the 27th August, Virgin Comics gave the official November release date of Garth Ennis' Dan Dare. I have been working on this book for most of the year and had to keep quiet till today. There is a cover image by Bryan Talbot on the Virgin Comics blog but unfortunately I am not able to post any of the interior artwork or the gorgeous colouring. Very frustrating! After the disappointment of Jack Cross it feels great to be back on full art chores and working with Garth Ennis again. Really pushed my approach and direction for the series. Proud of this book!

Will post images as soon as I get the green light from Virgin. Feedback from fellow professionals and colleagues (who have seen selected pages on my desk) has been good. More to follow.

Sunday 12 August 2007

Retro Post - Bern, Switzerland June 2007

Photos from our short trip to Bern, Switzerland up on MySpace. Mhairi had to attend a conference there and it provided an opportunity for us to stay a couple more days in that lovely town. We travelled through with her colleagues from work (a pleasant three hour train journey) and met up with some friends in the evening after the talks. The weekend was ours to tour the shops and restaurants.

Would defintely return to Bern and spend more time exploring further afield, especially La Gruyere where HR Giger's museum is housed and the famous bar. Always been a fan of his work on Alien and have most of his major books. Enjoy the photos. More soon.

Friday 10 August 2007

Retro Post - Istanbul, Turkish August 2006 Grand Prix photos online.

I have uploaded the photos from last year's Turkish Grand Prix to MySpace.

Mhairi and I spent five short days in the city and attended the race over the long weekend. Unbearably warm ( about 40 degrees ) but thankfully we were under shade for the day on the main stand with a great view of the pits and Jenson Button ( sixth on pole! ) Massa eventually won the race with Alonso third but it was a terrific day and quite a spectacle. Our seats were perfect to capture the whole event and we would definitely return to Istanbul, hoping next trip to spend more time at the Grand Bazaar and visit the Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet and the surrounding area.

Thursday 2 August 2007

Recommend - Marie Javins World Tour and blog.

Marie Javins' blog and World Tour site are by far and away the most entertaining of my regular reads and finally gets a mention. Marie is a writer and editor currently in Cairo working with Teshkeel Comics She also travels and blogs and writes real books. Pop over and have a look at her sites? The photos of her previous travels are so inspiring and have me searching the studio for my passport with every read. I won't be blogging for 24 hours so you have no excuse not to visit. Go now!

Tuesday 31 July 2007

Army@Love covers up on MySpace.

I have finally put up the covers for Army@Love on MySpace. Pencils are by the wonderful Rick Veitch (who also writes the series) and colours provided by Jose Villarubia and new team member Brian Miller (who also worked on The Filth) Our editor is Pornsak Pichetshote with Karen Berger at the Vertigo helm .

The series has been getting good reviews from a variety of sources (including Military Times) and the graphic novel of the first six issues is coming out in September. Check out the
DC site for an overview. Lots of fun on that book and covers will hopefully give you a taste of the madness to expect if you haven't read it already?

Sunday 29 July 2007

New Photos up on MySpace.

I have started to uploaded new (and old) photos onto my MySpace site at the following address Follow the link for pics. This site will journal most of my travels and life in Germany and feature artwork too. Higher resolution pics ( like Sagrada Familia, above) will end up on this blog. Enjoy the pics?

Friday 27 July 2007

Chris Weston's The Twelve!

Chris Weston can now reveal that 'The Project He's Not Allowed To Talk About' has officially been given a press release. Check out his blog for links and interviews and some tantalising excerpts from the book. The Twelve (written by J.M Straczynski) is due out in January and I can't wait! Order placed as soon as.

Chris has been a big influence on my art approach over the years and a good friend and colleague. We have worked together on various titles ( Johann's Tiger, The Filth and The Fantastic Four: First Family) and it has always been a pleasure to ink his work ( albeit with looong hours per page but that's dedication! )

I will hopefully get a selection of our work together on my MySpace site very soon.

Wednesday 25 July 2007

Michael Jackson's Thriller!

It's not often I am lost for words but this article and video clip on the Metro site (thanks, Kevin) has genuinely thrown me for six. There are a lot of viral clips out there. Some good. Most bad. This one is to be filed under the bizarre. 1500 Philippinian prison inmates dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller! Enjoy?

Doctor Who - Blink!

Currently enjoying the third series of Doctor Who with episode 10 ‘Blink’ returning to the core values of Doctor Who… scaring the hell out of small kids (and young adults!) Statues that are actually quantum aliens that only move (come to life) when you don’t see them (or blink) proved to be the surprisingly scariest episode I remember since Planet of the Spiders (Jon Pertwee) and The Brain of Morbius (Tom Baker) It has been thirty years since I last thought about hiding behind the sofa but this particular episode really struck a cord. Simple idea, scary execution and a well-crafted end montage of statues around Cardiff adding to the fright! (are there more scary living statues around?) No need to invent ridiculously silly aliens or outrageously inappropriate costumes or masks. Just choose the most mundane, normal, everyday object and inject a simple premise or conceit that it only comes to life when you can’t see it. Brilliant!

The Doctor and Martha Jones were hardly seen in this episode (with only a minor role) and it was left to Sally Sparrow to run around for 45 minutes. Cleverly written time-travel (mis) logic helped create a nicely crafted episode and a welcome return to form. Had the classic feel of a Twilight Zone episode or a 2000AD Futureshock. Well done BBC Cardiff!

There is a small trailer on the official Doctor Who site for those who dare?

Tuesday 24 July 2007

Retro post - Barcelona photos up on MySpace!

My photos from Barcelona are up on my MySpace site. They date back to my first trip in November 2005 and cover a five day visit. I overcame a seven year 'aversion' to flying and fear of heights in order to get there and enjoyed every moment. I have since returned to Barcelona twice (both times with Mhairi) for the Spanish Grand Prix and Festes de Merce and will be spending another week there in September. Missed some of the wonderful galleries last trip. Photos from the other two previous visits will be put up later this week.

Please leave comments and prints are available on request! ;)

Monday 23 July 2007

European Grand Prix!

Yesterday's European Grand Prix was great! A predictably dull circuit and lineup was already put into turmoil with Hamilton's crash on Saturday but you couldn't have predicted how much chaos some rain would bring to the preceedings! Well actually, you can.

I have spent eighteen months here in Germany (in the south) and at this time of year the weather is always unpredictable but when it rains it REALLY rains! Monsoon style! Mhairi always compares the downpours to the showers she remembers from her time growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Instant, heavy, short! It certainly played to the theatre of Sunday's race!

There was an early moment in the race (try
YouTube?) where Button's car slid off the track (like he was skating on ice) straight into the barrier. Hamilton's McLaren was right on his tail ( but thankfully didn't hit the wall this time! ) and was quickly followed by a Spyker. Two or three more cars followed until the marshalls 'red flagged' the race waiting until the weather improved. Hamilton had the good sense to stay in his car and was allowed to continue racing. The sight of these expensive, technologically complex vehicles sliding over the track and gravel like curling stones was a sight indeed! Just add Strauss' Blue Danube for a waltz of farce?

BBC News Online site covers Hamilton's position after the finish. A wrong decision on tyres lost him the race but that's preciously valuable experience for him. He's a great driver but still learning. The two point lead he now has over team-mate Alonso has brought a real excitement to the championship with both drivers capable of winning! Massa and Riakonnen are also contenders but both players need to find some consistency.

Two weeks till the
Hungarian Grand Prix and if any petrolheads remember last year then you will know what to expect. More sliding cars and lots of rain! It's going to be a helluva race! Wouldn't they be better suited with canoes?

Sunday 22 July 2007

First post!

Sunday morning! First post on my own blog. Better write something down?

Been reading and following some friends and colleagues blogs for months now and enjoying living vicariously off their (mis) adventures. Finally got round to starting up my own. If it's half as entertaining, witty and inspiring as
Chris Weston's I will be a happy blogger! Give his blog a read when you have a moment or three? Blues on Tour is another entertaining read following the adventures of some old friends travelling around the world (currently in New Zealand!) A wonderfully inspiring blog with great pics that make you want to run out your door with a toothbrush and passport packed!

Busy day today working unfortunately (losing a day earlier this week from commuting to Germany) but the European Grand Prix is nearly on and will keep me company for the long day.
Hamilton appears fit and healthy after a nasty crash yesterday so here's hoping he can continue with that wonderful form he has been showing recently?

Signing off first blog. Feel free to get in touch, correct grammar and generally enjoy the posts. Will try to update as often as possible and not just about work and current projects but travel opportunities and other crazy escapades! Mhairi will hopefully post occasionally too. We have made plans to return to Barcelona in September for
Festes de la Merce again (gigantics, castellers and firework parades!) with her colleague Corinna. Should be a lot of fun!

Expect some retro blogging from the last year too. Busy with a couple of Grand Prix's (Spanish and Turkish) various trips to Barcelona, Istanbul and more recently Bern, Switzerland. All done while working away from home living in Heidelberg, Germany with partner Mhairi.