Sunday 14 September 2008

Are you Manet enough for The Art of War?

Another glorious and edgy cover from Rick Veitch. This time he turns his attention to one of my favourite Impressionistic paintings. Le Dejeuner sur L'Herbe by Édouard Manet. Some of you may well remember the Bow Wow Wow revision done in the eighties featuring a very young Annabella Lwin. Rick has done a wonderful job of keeping the essence of the painting alive while adding his own Army@Love twist. Brian Miller again provides the colour.

Is Rick Veitch Whistler's Mother?

Another new Art of War cover from Rick Veitch. This time he desicrates Whistler's Mother. Love it! Choosing my favourite cover gets more difficult with every page of pencils he send me. Praise too for Brian Miller's colours which are subtle but near perfect in capturing the original and still popping out from the shelves. Surely DC Vertigo could consider a release for these wonderful covers? Or a t-shirt?

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Friday 5 September 2008

Facebook Fan Page.

Due to interest (and a backlog of friend requests) I have decided to set up a Facebook Fan Page. Unlike this blog, there will be more of a comic book skew with pages, previews, covers and sneak peaks going up on a regular business. Requests for older pages are welcome but give me a few days to dust off the Fedex storage boxes and search. Hardly as quick as Google to find an old Pendragon page!

There will also be some new projects showcased. Comments and feedback welcome.

Search for my mugshot on Facebook and join. Direct link here.