Thursday 29 January 2009

New York Comic Con signing.

Next week I will be attending the New York Comic Con on the 6th -8th of February and will be signing at the DC Vertigo table with David Tischman (writer of Greatest Hits) at the following times.

FRIDAY 5-6pm: SIGNING - DC/Vertigo booth

SATURDAY 11am-12pm: SIGNING - DC/Vertigo booth

Come along and ask for a sketch or chat or make fun of my various protective hand measures. This is my first trip to New York and I am pretty excited about it. Look forward to seeing you there.

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Captain America Theater of War - America the Beautiful.

January sees the release of Marvel's Captain America Theater of War - America the Beautiful. Written by Paul Jenkins this is my first full artwork with Marvel in over ten years. A great opportunity to team up with Paul after following his work for so long. Colour is by my favourite Chris Sotomayor. We have previously worked on Thunderbolts and Zemo and he has produced some lovely colour on my Dare and Transformers portfolio pieces and covers.

The third part of the Theater of War series chronicles the adventures that made Captain America the hero we know today, Paul Jenkins does what he does best, weaving a tale of war, brotherhood and legacy. From skinny Steve Rogers at boot camp to the Super-Soldier leading a battalion of men against the Nazis, this is the Captain America you thought you knew but you’ve never seen. And when the choice is between his country or his best friend, this is the decision he had to make.

Loved drawing the Omaha Beach landing sequence and Captain America. The story was particularly poignant and emotional to work on too. The last page will explain all.

Macbeth - Award winning book from Classical Comics.

My friend Jon Haward has been working on The Tempest for a summer release this year but his previous book Macbeth has won another award at the British Book Design and Production Awards 2008.

It was a great success for Classical Comics all round. The Original Text version of Macbeth was the winner of the Secondary Education category and was also Highly Commended (2nd place) in Literature; while Henry V (Quick Text version) achieved the shortlist for the Secondary Education category. The award for Macbeth, presented by Gyles Brandreth, marked a significant achievement - not only for the book itself, but also for the company as both gain recognition from the mainstream book industry.

Congratulations to Jon, Clive and the rest of the Classical Comics team. Here's to a very successful 2009.