Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Eagle Awards 2008!

It would appear that I have been included as a potential nomination for an Eagle Award (the comic Oscars) as Best Inker. It would have been nice to have been noticed for my pencilling work on Dan Dare too but you know how these awards go. It's all politics! ;)

Dan Dare and Garth Ennis are also up for awards so here is a gentle reminder to 'go vote!' for me, Garth and Dan Dare in all possible categories. The Mekon is also up for Best Villian! How could he not win that one? You might also wish to reward Rick Veitch's hard work on Army@Love where appropriate?
No pay-offs, no bribes, no cash in hand incentives or holidays. Just vote here.

Okay, maybe a free sketch at Bristol 2008.

Army@Love cover!

Love this cover!

Rick Veitch excels with this image for Army@Love #11. Simple but very effective. The colouring by Brian Miller also adds a richness without over-powering. Check out the issue and other brilliant covers here.

Dare #4 is out!

Dan Dare part four hits the US comic shelves today and hopefully this side of the pond tomorrow. Really enjoyed this one. Garth's writing hits a high note with this issue but I can't say any more than that. The blogs are going to be firing up in hours from now!

It's the last stand on Port Napier as Dan Dare and the colonists find themselves nearly overrun by the onslaught of Torr, vicious killing beasts. Trying to hold them off until they can be rescued, what they don't know is that the entire royal navy has been thrown into disarray by the disappearance of the Prime Minister back on Earth. As Peabody attempts to piece together the puzzle-and the government-Dan and Digby brace themselves for total annihilation, hoping for a miracle. There are some lovely shots of the new Starfire craft (more of that in later issues) and the Mekon is planning.

Enjoy the variant cover by Glenn Fabry and I will post the Garry Leach version when I have a better scan.

Tank-bustin' Transformers!

Robots in disguise. More than meets the eye! You know the words to the song. This month's issue of Transformers has a cover by me with colours by Chris Sotomayer. The toys and gifts on the front obscure most of the image but Titan always have a lovely pull-out poster version inside. Get a copy for your nephew or younger brother and put up on your wall. Here's a sneak peak.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Not as tenuous a link as you may think to my current release. This album has been the soundtrack for Dan Dare through many an early morning shift last year. My continued love for all things eighties brought back this gem from the Human League. Dare! If you missed it first time round or were put off by the omni-present 'Don't You Want Me Baby' then give it another listen. The opening track 'Things That Dreams Are Made Of' is pure classic electropop and paves the way for a superb album. 'Seconds' is another favourite. Hearing it again reminds me of the fun I had on the Dare book and I appreciate the fans at Inverness asking about the music I enjoy while working! More recommends soon.

Hi-Ex success!

I am pleased to say that the Hi-Ex comic convention in Inverness was a complete success. The bad weather did prevent a few of the guests from travelling up but overall the fans and writers and artists were in high spirits and there was plenty to see and do. Joe Gordon writes a nice piece here on the weekend and has a couple of shots of me drawing Dare and 'entertaining' the fans with my MJ gloved hand. More Inverness photos here.

Thanks to all the fans, colleagues and new friends who made me feel very welcome and congratulations to Rich and Vicky for making their first convention a success! See you next year!