Sunday, 22 July 2007

First post!

Sunday morning! First post on my own blog. Better write something down?

Been reading and following some friends and colleagues blogs for months now and enjoying living vicariously off their (mis) adventures. Finally got round to starting up my own. If it's half as entertaining, witty and inspiring as
Chris Weston's I will be a happy blogger! Give his blog a read when you have a moment or three? Blues on Tour is another entertaining read following the adventures of some old friends travelling around the world (currently in New Zealand!) A wonderfully inspiring blog with great pics that make you want to run out your door with a toothbrush and passport packed!

Busy day today working unfortunately (losing a day earlier this week from commuting to Germany) but the European Grand Prix is nearly on and will keep me company for the long day.
Hamilton appears fit and healthy after a nasty crash yesterday so here's hoping he can continue with that wonderful form he has been showing recently?

Signing off first blog. Feel free to get in touch, correct grammar and generally enjoy the posts. Will try to update as often as possible and not just about work and current projects but travel opportunities and other crazy escapades! Mhairi will hopefully post occasionally too. We have made plans to return to Barcelona in September for
Festes de la Merce again (gigantics, castellers and firework parades!) with her colleague Corinna. Should be a lot of fun!

Expect some retro blogging from the last year too. Busy with a couple of Grand Prix's (Spanish and Turkish) various trips to Barcelona, Istanbul and more recently Bern, Switzerland. All done while working away from home living in Heidelberg, Germany with partner Mhairi.


The Blues said...

Hi Gary

We are so pleased to hear from you and very happy to hear that you are happy and settled (in Germany??!).... must say that we were a bit shocked to get your comment, but not in a bad way, as in a really nice surprise. Thanks for the mention of us on your blog and we hope to hear from you again. We are heading to OZ late September, so we will be there when you are there, but we will leave some beer left for you and Mhairi to drink. Cheers. x The Blues

John said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Great way of seeing what your up to over in Heidelberg. Talking of retro posts you should publish some of those night time shots from Barcelona. They were great!

John D

smoky man said...

Ciao Gary,
loved yr works since the days of Knights of Pendragon ;)

So, it's great to have you available on the blogosphere!

From Sardinia, Italy

Lee said...

Hi Gary

Great news you now have a Blog welcome...looking forward to seeing your work up here!

Graeme Neil Reid said...

Hi, and I'll add my welcome to Blog as well. Glad your doing this as you've neglected your website for a very long time.

I wanted to come and say hi to you at Bristol but found it hard to get away from my table and when I did manage and chatted to Mr Weston you where nowhere to be seen, doh.

I remember seeing some Dredd trial stuff of yours that was on display at Glasgow Con years ago and have followed your work with interest. I think your inking of Mr Weston's work is a great combination and enjoy your own comic work greatly. I loved the war comic you did with Mr Ennis a while back :)

All the best, look forward to dropping in on your Blog!