Friday, 27 July 2007

Chris Weston's The Twelve!

Chris Weston can now reveal that 'The Project He's Not Allowed To Talk About' has officially been given a press release. Check out his blog for links and interviews and some tantalising excerpts from the book. The Twelve (written by J.M Straczynski) is due out in January and I can't wait! Order placed as soon as.

Chris has been a big influence on my art approach over the years and a good friend and colleague. We have worked together on various titles ( Johann's Tiger, The Filth and The Fantastic Four: First Family) and it has always been a pleasure to ink his work ( albeit with looong hours per page but that's dedication! )

I will hopefully get a selection of our work together on my MySpace site very soon.

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smoky man said...

Yes, Chris is Da Man ;)

I can't wait to read the 12, too ;)

From Italy
smoky ciao