Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Doctor Who - Blink!

Currently enjoying the third series of Doctor Who with episode 10 ‘Blink’ returning to the core values of Doctor Who… scaring the hell out of small kids (and young adults!) Statues that are actually quantum aliens that only move (come to life) when you don’t see them (or blink) proved to be the surprisingly scariest episode I remember since Planet of the Spiders (Jon Pertwee) and The Brain of Morbius (Tom Baker) It has been thirty years since I last thought about hiding behind the sofa but this particular episode really struck a cord. Simple idea, scary execution and a well-crafted end montage of statues around Cardiff adding to the fright! (are there more scary living statues around?) No need to invent ridiculously silly aliens or outrageously inappropriate costumes or masks. Just choose the most mundane, normal, everyday object and inject a simple premise or conceit that it only comes to life when you can’t see it. Brilliant!

The Doctor and Martha Jones were hardly seen in this episode (with only a minor role) and it was left to Sally Sparrow to run around for 45 minutes. Cleverly written time-travel (mis) logic helped create a nicely crafted episode and a welcome return to form. Had the classic feel of a Twilight Zone episode or a 2000AD Futureshock. Well done BBC Cardiff!

There is a small trailer on the official Doctor Who site for those who dare?


Mhairi said...

So what about all those little actionmen/soldiers/daleks/statuets all over the shelves in your studio? Still happy working late at night?

On your own.

In a windy creeking house.


Graeme Neil Reid said...

Just wait for the last three episodes, brilliant stuff. Can you hear the drums?