Monday, 23 July 2007

European Grand Prix!

Yesterday's European Grand Prix was great! A predictably dull circuit and lineup was already put into turmoil with Hamilton's crash on Saturday but you couldn't have predicted how much chaos some rain would bring to the preceedings! Well actually, you can.

I have spent eighteen months here in Germany (in the south) and at this time of year the weather is always unpredictable but when it rains it REALLY rains! Monsoon style! Mhairi always compares the downpours to the showers she remembers from her time growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Instant, heavy, short! It certainly played to the theatre of Sunday's race!

There was an early moment in the race (try
YouTube?) where Button's car slid off the track (like he was skating on ice) straight into the barrier. Hamilton's McLaren was right on his tail ( but thankfully didn't hit the wall this time! ) and was quickly followed by a Spyker. Two or three more cars followed until the marshalls 'red flagged' the race waiting until the weather improved. Hamilton had the good sense to stay in his car and was allowed to continue racing. The sight of these expensive, technologically complex vehicles sliding over the track and gravel like curling stones was a sight indeed! Just add Strauss' Blue Danube for a waltz of farce?

BBC News Online site covers Hamilton's position after the finish. A wrong decision on tyres lost him the race but that's preciously valuable experience for him. He's a great driver but still learning. The two point lead he now has over team-mate Alonso has brought a real excitement to the championship with both drivers capable of winning! Massa and Riakonnen are also contenders but both players need to find some consistency.

Two weeks till the
Hungarian Grand Prix and if any petrolheads remember last year then you will know what to expect. More sliding cars and lots of rain! It's going to be a helluva race! Wouldn't they be better suited with canoes?

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Alan (with one L) said...

Gary - always good to see another comics star with a blog and even better one with an interest in motor sport, if I'd know we could have talked more at Bristol.

anyway keep up the good work