Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Eagle Awards 2008!

It would appear that I have been included as a potential nomination for an Eagle Award (the comic Oscars) as Best Inker. It would have been nice to have been noticed for my pencilling work on Dan Dare too but you know how these awards go. It's all politics! ;)

Dan Dare and Garth Ennis are also up for awards so here is a gentle reminder to 'go vote!' for me, Garth and Dan Dare in all possible categories. The Mekon is also up for Best Villian! How could he not win that one? You might also wish to reward Rick Veitch's hard work on Army@Love where appropriate?
No pay-offs, no bribes, no cash in hand incentives or holidays. Just vote here.

Okay, maybe a free sketch at Bristol 2008.


Danny Dare said...

Hello Gary,

You've certainly got my "Dan Dare" vote (and Garth Ennis has too) - I literally just voted.

I'm a lifelong Dan Dare (Frank Hampson) fan, and I have to confess that although the new DD comic that you and Garth are producing for Virgin Comics had me a little unsure initially - it was a lot to take in at first - it has quickly grown into an excellent series that I am enjoying immensely now. I find myself really looking forward to each new installment. :-)

Well done, and thank you (both) very much for all your hard work.

All the best,

Peter Inns.

Danny Dare said...

PS. I forgot to mention that you are (now) listed in both Inks and Pencils for the awards, and got my vote in both, as seems fair. Politics can work both ways, clearly - lol! :->