Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Dare #4 is out!

Dan Dare part four hits the US comic shelves today and hopefully this side of the pond tomorrow. Really enjoyed this one. Garth's writing hits a high note with this issue but I can't say any more than that. The blogs are going to be firing up in hours from now!

It's the last stand on Port Napier as Dan Dare and the colonists find themselves nearly overrun by the onslaught of Torr, vicious killing beasts. Trying to hold them off until they can be rescued, what they don't know is that the entire royal navy has been thrown into disarray by the disappearance of the Prime Minister back on Earth. As Peabody attempts to piece together the puzzle-and the government-Dan and Digby brace themselves for total annihilation, hoping for a miracle. There are some lovely shots of the new Starfire craft (more of that in later issues) and the Mekon is planning.

Enjoy the variant cover by Glenn Fabry and I will post the Garry Leach version when I have a better scan.


Toxicphisch said...

Are there any plans for an another series?

Hopefully, with you behind the pencil :)

Mhairi said...

That is a really nice cover, I hadn't seen that one.