Thursday, 4 March 2010

Wedge Antilles, X-Wing Pilot. Paris Manga sketch 2010.

This sketch of Wedge Antilles was one on many drawn over the weekend at the Paris Manga event. The Star Wars link was helped by a couple of the actors appearing as the show's media guests. Mostly superhero inspired sketches over the course of the day but Wedge (and the X-Wing itself) proved very popular. All drawn from memory and not bad considering it has been over ten years since I last worked on the books.

Have included a selection of the other Wedge Antilles sketches below for comparison.

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jamie said...

it's only cos i'm a nerdy star wars geek that i have to point of the inaccuracies of the helmet worn by wedge,
his is a dull grey board across each side,not the checkered one as worn by biggs.
i feel cheeky for bringing it up,after all,you're a proper star wars artist,and i'm just a sad fat geek,lol.
but awesome work,as always.