Sunday, 31 January 2010

Paris Manga 6-7th February.

I will be attending Paris Manga on 6-7th February. Looking forward to this event (as I missed last year's) Sorry to disappoint the Anime fans but I won't be in CosPlay. I may however wear my kilt. For the ladies, of course. Hoping to see some of my French fans there!

The main draw for me is superb artist Benjamin. Love his work. His digital paintings have so much colour and vibrancy. Very inspiring.

More details can be found here.

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Alex said...

Dear Gary,

would you be interested in taking part in a Dan Dare panel at the London Science Fiction and Fantastic Film Festival (Sci-Fi London) on the May bank Holiday weekend - probably Saturday 1st? It'd be great if you could talk about drawing the Virgin Comics Dan Dare. I'm going to ask Rian Hughes and one of the editors of Spaceship Away who knew some of the original Dan Dare artists as well...

best wishes,