Thursday, 27 August 2009

Scotch Corner - New Post!

Just a reminder to the thousands of regular followers of my blog (okay, maybe not that many) The Scottish artist blog Scotch Corner has a new post up from me. Demonic Angel is sketch I did at a previous Gencon. I was invited to the event because of my sci-fi work on Star Wars and Terminator but found myself completely out of my depth with the whole fantasy and vampire set attending.

That said, they were a friendly crowd and gave me some pretty decent advice on how to draw dragons, nymphs and other fantasy related characters. This particular sketch only survives with me as a photocopy now. Probably done later in the day and near the end of the event (when I started to find my feet a bit) this is still a favourite piece.

Click now and head on over to Scotch Corner to see the image and all the other lovely work by the Scottish collective.

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