Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Dark Knight on IMAX.

Finally saw the IMAX version of Dark Knight at the Glasgow Science Centre last week. Defintely recommended! The film features five sequences shot in the IMAX format while the rest of the movie is upconverted by the DMR process, maintaining a high quality throughout. If you haven't experienced a proper and pure IMAX feature (previous movies have been DMR processed only) then the Dark Knight is a must. The majority of the film is shot in a traditional 2.25 ratio with the IMAX sequences (or framing shots) in the full almost square format. Not as distracting as you may think. If anything, it opens out the picture so much as to extend beyond your peripheral vision and really draws you into the movie. Wonderful!

The opening bank heist is all the more stunning for it's attention to detail and clarity. Near 3D effect with the close ups. The city flyover establishing shots (Hong Kong in particular) are near vertigo inducing. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine get their 'moments' presented in the highest quality. The Batmobile/ Joker chase is a tour-de-force! A must see! For comic fans and film fans alike this is an amazing experience and the bonus opening trailer for Watchmen just rounds off a wonderful viewing opportunity.

Worth the extra price of a ticket? A resounding 'yes'! Just don't sit too close! Four rows from the front is terrifying! Especially with Heath Ledger's Joker face taunting you in close up.

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lenbot said...

Awesome...Although I find the picture is bigger and more imposing the further back you sit, opposite to normal cinema. I'm no physicist but I assume it's because your field of vision is larger at the back so there's more of the picture in your eyes...wow I do not make sense at all...!