Friday, 16 May 2008

Dan Dare Forbidden Planet signings in June.

I will be signing copies of the new Dan Dare hardcover at Forbidden planet in London on Saturday 14th and Newcastle on Thursday 19th of June. Details here. Come along and you may well get a sketch too.

This is the first of the Dan Dare appearances. The next is in Singapore at the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention at the end of the June. Anyone who makes the trip over for that one will get a free page of artwork! ;)


Michael Finn said...

Dan Dare is wonderful and Gary you are a great artist. Thanks much for the terrific Bristol pieces and many thanks to you kind girlfriend for helping this American out...:)

astrogalaxy said...

Oh wow... I'll be at the Singapore convention... Hope to get your autograph too!
Have a nice trip!

Mark said...

Hey Gary - are you staying on whenever Garth leaves, or is that a state secret?

Soma Lohengrin said...

Hi Gary! It was really nice to meet you during Toycon!

Gary Erskine said...

Thanks, Soma. Had an amazing time at the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention 2008. Dare was very popular but the Hello Kitty sketches won me more fans! ;)

Looking forward to next year's event!